Publications iconKansas Register

Volume 40 - Issue 17 - April 29, 2021

State of Kansas

Department of Transportation

Request for Qualifications

Background and Purpose of Project

The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT), Bureau of Transportation Planning’s Access Management Unit is seeking assistance to provide technical and engineering services to assist the KDOT Access Management Unit (AMU) with tasks routinely performed by the AMU Staff with two (2) part-time engineers. Engineers will either be embedded at KDOT headquarters or will be located in the consultant’s office.

Scope of Services to be Performed

The consultant engineer shall perform tasks and produce the deliverables as described. This person will act as project manager on assigned access management construction projects; review design plans as assigned by the special projects engineer; assist the special projects engineer with review of complex access permits and the review of comprehensive traffic impact studies (TIS) and basic TIS for consistency with applicable engineering guidelines and standards, and coordination of agency wide evaluation of these requests and specialized investigations; assist the special projects engineer with preparation of access planning instruments and special studies. Preference will be given to engineers with experience in traffic analysis including familiarity with traffic modeling and simulation. Experience with reviewing site drainage studies is also desired. This person must exhibit excellent communication both verbally and written with property developers, consultants, and local public agencies throughout the permitting process and construction projects. This person is a decision-maker and frequently makes independent decisions using strategic and engineering judgement. This is a part-time position for eight (8) to twelve (12) hours per week Monday-Friday, some travel for KDOT training or field visits may be required. Phone, computer, routine office supplies, and cubicle supplied for embedded engineer at KDOT headquarters. The term of this work is from June 2021 through May of 2023.

Schedule and Deadlines

  • Qualifications/responses are due on or before 12:00 p.m. (CST) May 7, 2021 to be delivered via email to
  • Evaluations, shortlisting, and ranking of Request for Qualifications (RFQs) on or about the week of May 14, 2021 after which time all firms that submitted will be notified of the ranking and interview times
  • Interviews the week of May 2017, 2021 after which time all firms that submitted will be notified of the final ranking
  • Negotiations with the most highly ranked firm to commence on or about May 24, 2021
  • Agreement/work order in place and in effect June 1, 2021
  • Consultant engineer to begin June 14, 2021

Evaluation Factors

Shortlisting will be based on qualifications and experience of individuals detailed in resume. No more than ten (10) individuals will be shortlisted for interviews. The interviews will be the determining factor of preference and ranking of first, second, and third. The highest ranked firm will be asked to enter into negotiations with KDOT for an agreement. In the event KDOT cannot reach agreement with the ranked firms, it will terminate negotiations with such firm(s) and commence negotiations with the next highest ranked firm(s), and so on, until either agreement is reached for a satisfactory scope of services for a fair and reasonable price, or KDOT decides to pursue other alternatives.

Instructions for RFQ

Note: No costs shall be contained in the RFQ. The main text of consultant’s RFQ must not exceed four (4) pages to address the topics listed below. Additional pages submitted for certifications required by KDOT do not count toward page limit. The RFQ submittal will consist of the RFQ and a completed and signed Special Attachment No. 7 (“Certificate of Final Indirect Costs”), a completed and signed Special Attachment No. 8 (“Tax Clearance Certificate”), and a completed and signed “Certification Individual or Company Not Currently Engaged in a Boycott of Israel.” All these forms are attached to the original email announcement. RFQs shall address and include the following items:

  • Project manager/engineer in charge
  • Provide name(s), qualifications, education, training and expertise as well as prior relevant experience of consultant personnel, if any, intended to perform services

Contract Terms and Conditions

A standard KDOT agreement for embedding engineering services will be used for this project with Special Attachments for the Kansas “Tax Clearance Certificate,” the “Certification of Final Indirect Costs,” and the “Certification Individual or Company Not Currently Engaged in a Boycott of Israel.”

Questions about this RFQ shall be sent by email to KDOT at

Calvin E. Reed, P.E. Director
Division of Engineering and Design

Doc. No. 049072