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Pooled Money Investment Board

Notice of Investment Rates


Kansas Development Finance Authority

Notice of Hearing on Proposed Revenue Bonds

City of North Newton, Kansas

Summary Notice of Bond Sale

City of Hesston, Kansas

Summary Notice of Bond Sale

City of Manhattan, Kansas

Summary Notice of Bond Sale

Executive Branch

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New State Laws

Kansas Legislature

House Bill 2071, concerning crimes, punishment and criminal procedure; relating to crimes against persons; increasing criminal penalties for stalking a minor

House Bill 2244, concerning industrial hemp; relating to the effective disposal thereof by the department of agriculture in coordination with state or local law enforcement; requiring industrial hemp processors to register with the state fire marshal; providing exemptions from regulations; allowing issuance of stop sale, use or removal orders

House Bill 2405, concerning retirement and pensions; relating to the Kansas public employees retirement system; authorizing the issuance of revenue bonds to finance the unfunded actuarial pension liability of KPERS; providing requirements, limitations and procedures for the Kansas development finance authority, department of administration and the state finance council pertaining to such bonds

Senate Bill 86, concerning the state treasurer; relating to certain programs under the administration thereof; city utility low-interest loan program; providing for electronic repayment of loans; cash basis exception; payment frequency; loan security; ending date for making loans; establishing the Kansas extraordinary utility costs loan deposit program; Kansas economic recovery loan deposit program

Senate Bill 142, concerning wildlife, parks and recreation; updating the reference to the guidelines of the American fisheries society; requiring personal flotation devices as prescribed by the secretary of wildlife, parks and tourism in rules and regulations