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Publications iconProposed Permanent Kansas Administrative Regulations

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This is a listing of proposed permanent regulations currently open for comment with a Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Kansas Administrative Regulations on file with the Secretary of State and published in the Kansas Register.

Click on the pdf to view the notice of hearing, proposed permanent regulations, and economic impact statements, and to email comments on any of the proposed regulations. Your comments will be emailed to the agency administering the regulations. Please indicate the number of the regulation on which you wish to comment and include your contact information. For more information, return to the Main K.A.R. page or check out the FAQ page.

Agency Hearing Date Hearing Notice
Animal Health, Div of-Department of Agriculture 07-02-2024 View PDF
9-7-1 General
9-7-14 Equidae
9-10-1 Revocation
9-10-2 Revocation
9-10-3 Revocation
9-10-4 Revocation
9-10-5 Revocation
9-10-7 Revocation
9-10-8 Revocation
9-10-9 Revocation
9-10-10 Revocation
9-10-14 Revocation
9-10-15 Revocation
9-10-16 Revocation
9-10-17 Revocation
9-10-18 Revocation
9-10-19 Revocation
9-10-21 Revocation
9-10-22a Revocation
9-10-23 Revocation
9-10-24a Revocation
9-10-25a Revocation
9-10-26a Revocation
9-10-27a Revocation
9-10-30 Revocation
9-10-31 Revocation
9-10-32 Revocation
9-10-33 Revocation
9-10-33a Revocation
9-10-34 Revocation
9-10-35 Revocation
9-10-36 Revocation
9-10-37 Revocation
9-10-38 Revocation
9-10-39 Revocation
9-10-40 Revocation
9-10-41 Definitions
9-10-42 Public livestock market facilities
9-10-43 Limitation on use of public livestock market facilities
9-10-44 Disinfection of public livestock market facilities and vehicles
9-10-45 Quarantine pens and facilities
9-10-46 Quarantine of diseased and exposed livestock or exotic animals
9-10-47 Diseases, injuries, and conditions rendering livestock or exotic animals unfit for sale; limitation on sale; euthanasia, removal, or disposal
9-10-48 Certificate of veterinary inspection
9-10-49 Requirement for consignment for public livestock markets
9-10-50 Special sales at irregular intervals
9-10-51 Notice
9-10-52 Occasional livestock sales
9-10-53 Bovine
9-10-54 Poultry
9-10-55 Equidae
9-10-56 Swine
9-10-57 Sheep and goats
9-10-58 Regulatory, inspection, and brand inspection fees
9-10-59 License fees and renewals
Bank Commissioner, Office of the State 07-23-2024 View PDF
17-11-18 Loans; documentation requirements
17-11-21 Appraisals and evaluations
Health Care Finance, Div. of-Department of Health and Environment 07-05-2024 View PDF
129-1-1 Definitions
129-7-1 Applicability; definitions
129-7-2 FFS beneficiary grievance
129-7-3 Eligibility grievance
129-7-4 Notices to applicants, beneficiaries, and residents; applicability
129-7-5 Continuation of covered services for FFS beneficiaries; applicability
129-7-8 Notices to applicants and beneficiaries; applicability
129-7-10 When a state fair hearing is required
129-7-11 Request for state fair hearing; timeliness
129-7-12 Evidentiary standard; burden of proof
129-7-13 Parties
129-7-14 Department's review of decision
129-7-16 State fair hearings for income and resource allowance determinations
129-7-17 Department's summary
129-7-18 Motions
129-7-19 Prehearing resolution
129-7-20 Dismissal; limitations
129-7-21 Presiding officer; decisions
129-7-22 Rehearing
129-7-23 Relief from preliminary or prehearing order
129-7-24 Transcripts
129-7-25 Review of an initial order of final order
129-7-65 Revocation
129-8-1 Applicability; definitions
129-8-3 MCE member grievance
129-8-4 Notices to enrollees; applicability
129-8-5 Continuation of covered services for MCE enrollees; applicability
129-8-7 Enrollee appeal
129-8-8 Notices to enrollees; applicability
129-8-10 When a state fair hearing is required
129-8-11 Request for state fair hearing; timeliness
129-8-12 Evidentiary standard; burden of proof
129-8-13 Parties
129-8-14 Department's review of decision
129-8-17 Department's summary
129-8-18 Motions
129-8-19 Prehearing resolution
129-8-20 Dismissal; limitations
129-8-21 Presiding officer; decisions
129-8-22 Rehearing
129-8-23 Relief from preliminary or prehearing order
129-8-24 Transcripts
129-8-25 Review of an initial order or final order
129-9-1 Applicability; definitions
129-9-2 FFS provider grievance
129-9-3 MCE provider grievance
129-9-4 Notices to providers rendering services to enrollees; applicability
129-9-5 Notices to providers rendering services to beneficiaries of the FFS medical assistance program; notices to providers regarding participation in KMAP; applicability
129-9-6 Provider reconsideration
129-9-7 Provider appeal
129-9-8 Notices to providers rendering covered services to enrollees and FFS beneficiaries; applicability
129-9-10 When a state fair hearing is required
129-9-11 Request for state fair hearing; timeliness
129-9-12 Evidentiary standard; burden of proof
129-9-13 Parties
129-9-14 Department's review of decision
129-9-15 Provider termination or denial of enrollment
129-9-17 Department's summary
129-9-18 Motions
129-9-19 Prehearing resolution
129-9-20 Dismissal; limitations
129-9-21 Presiding officer; decisions
129-9-22 Rehearing
129-9-23 Relief from preliminary or prehearing order
129-9-24 Transcripts
129-9-25 Review of an initial order or final order
Optometry, State Board of Examiners in 07-12-2024 View PDF
65-5-6 Continuing education
65-5-15 Reciprocal licenses; active practice requirements
Pharmacy, Board of 07-11-2024 View PDF
68-2-5 Revocation
68-2-25 Minimum requirements of a prescription for a non-controlled substance
68-7-14 Prescription labels
68-7-18 Health departments, private not-for-profit family planning clinics, federally qualified health centers, and indigent healthcare clinics
68-19-1 Minimum program requirements
68-23-1 Definitions
68-23-2 Telepharmacy outlet application; facility; managing pharmacy
68-23-3 Personnel, staffing, training, and supervision
68-23-4 Practice of pharmacy
68-23-5 Operation of telepharmacy outlet
68-23-6 Structural, security, technology, and equipment requirements; restrictions
Wildlife and Parks, Department of 06-20-2024 View PDF
115-7-9 Weigh-in black bass fishing tournaments
115-7-10 Fishing; special provisions
115-17-3 Commercial fish bait permit; requirement, application, and general provisions
Wildlife and Parks, Department of 06-20-2024 View PDF
115-7-3 Fish; taking and use of baitfish or minnows
Wildlife and Parks, Department of 06-20-2024 View PDF
115-25-14 Fishing; creel limit, size limit, possession limit, and open season
Wildlife and Parks, Department of 08-29-2024 View PDF
115-30-4 Fire extinguishers; requirements