Safe at Home participants are encouraged to register to vote through this program. All participant voter registration information will be kept in a confidential database that only Safe at Home program staff can access.

When completing the Safe at Home application, victims should also complete the voter registration application. All directions should be followed on the voter registration application and address information entered for the actual physical residence. The voter registration application should then be submitted to the SaH program coordinator with the participant application.

Voter registration applications for Safe at Home participants should not be submitted to a county election officer - they MUST be submitted directly to the SaH program coordinator. If the participant submits the voter registration application to a county election officer, there is no distinction on the application that would identify to the county that the voter is a participant in Safe at Home. The county election officer would have to enter the information into the statewide voter registration database, which is a public record.

To avoid any confusion or risk to the participant, Safe at Home strongly recommends that the voter registration be completed at the time of enrollment in the program. If a participant does not register when enrolling in the program but later wants to register to vote, he or she should contact the SaH program coordinator to ensure that the registration is properly completed and submitted to Safe at Home.

In an effort to ensure that all Safe at Home participants who register to vote clearly understand the process to vote, detailed information is provided in the Participant Voting Guide. This brochure can be printed directly from this site or copies of the brochure may be obtained by contacting the SaH program coordinator.