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Publications iconKansas Administrative Regulations

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Agency 7

Secretary of State


7-16-1. Information and services fee
7-16-2. Technology communication fee
7-17-1. Definitions
7-17-2. Delivery of records
7-17-3. Forms
7-17-4. Fees
7-17-5. Methods of payment
7-17-6. Overpayment and underpayment of fees
7-17-7. Filing officer's duties deemed ministerial
7-17-8. Notification of defects
7-17-9. Defects in filing
7-17-10. Deadline to refuse filing
7-17-11. Filing office data entry
7-17-12. Status of parties upon filing initial financing statement
7-17-13. Status of parties upon filing an amendment
7-17-14. Status of party upon filing an assignment
7-17-15. Status of party upon filing a continuation statement
7-17-16. Status of parties upon filing a termination statement
7-17-17. Status of parties upon filing a correction statement
7-17-18. Deadline for filing a continuation statement
7-17-19. Errors in filing
7-17-20. Notice of bankruptcy
7-17-21. Searches
7-17-22. Search logic
7-17-23. Search reports
7-17-24. Unofficial searches
7-18-1. Revoked
7-18-2. Revoked
7-18-3. Revoked
7-19-1. Revoked
7-19-2. Revoked
7-19-3. Revoked
7-19-4. Revoked
7-19-5. Revoked
7-19-6. Revoked
7-19-7. Revoked
7-20-1. Changing hours of elections
7-21-1. Storage of voting equipment
7-21-2. Voting equipment security
7-21-3. Revoked
7-21-4. Manual count of damaged or defective paper ballots
7-21-5. Electronic poll book signatures
7-22-1. Revoked
7-23-1. Revoked
7-23-2. Registration records
7-23-3. Revoked
7-23-4. Notice of places and dates of registration
7-23-5. Revoked
7-23-6. Special election, additional hours not required; publication
7-23-7. Publication of additional places of registration
7-23-8. Revoked
7-23-11. Revoked
7-23-12. Sufficiency of address for registration
7-23-13. Revoked
7-23-14. Assessing documents submitted as evidence of United States citizenship
7-23-15. Incomplete applications for voter registration
7-24-1. Number of ballot boxes required
7-24-2. Receipts and records
7-25-1. Certification
7-26-1. Certificate of nomination
7-26-2. Certificate of election
7-27-1. Maintenance of party affiliation lists
7-28-1. Determination
7-29-1. Revoked
7-29-2. Official ballot colors
7-29-3. Ballot secrecy
7-30-1. Revoked
7-31-1. Revoked
7-31-2. Revoked
7-31-3. Revoked
7-31-4. Revoked
7-32-1. Revoked
7-32-2. Revoked
7-33-1. Information fees
7-33-2. Computer access fees
7-34-1. Revoked
7-34-2. Corporation filing fees
7-35-1. Revoked
7-35-2. Revoked
7-36-1. Absentee and advance voting ballot envelopes
7-36-2. Advance voting voter; classification as permanent
7-36-3. Advance voting voter; assistance
7-36-4. Revoked
7-36-5. Advance voting ballots; counting
7-36-6. Advance voting list with voting place
7-36-7. Processing advance voting ballot applications
7-36-8. Uniformed and overseas citizens absentee voting act; ballot distribution deadline in local mail ballot elections
7-36-9. Signature verification for advance voting by mail
7-37-1. Voter registration; department of revenue; division of vehicles
7-37-2. Revoked
7-38-1. National voter registration act; systematic list maintenance; national change of address files
7-38-2. Revoked
7-39-1. Uniform partnership act; filing fees
7-40-1. Classification of goods and services under the revised Kansas trademark act
7-41-1. Definitions
7-41-2. Original registration; renewal; expiration
7-41-3. Registration forms
7-41-4. Evidence of financial security
7-41-5. Certification practice statement
7-41-6. Changes to information
7-41-7. Recordkeeping and retention of registered certification authority documents
7-41-8. Revoked
7-41-9. Revoked
7-41-10. Procedure upon discontinuance of registered certification authority business
7-41-11. Recovery against financial security
7-41-12. Reciprocity
7-41-13. Use of subscriber information
7-41-14. State agency; compliance
7-41-15. Registration authority, local registration authority, and local registration authority's trusted partner; compliance
7-41-16. Registration authority, local registration authority, and local registration authority's trusted partner; general responsibilities
7-41-17. Registration authority, local registration authority, and local registration authority's trusted partner; certification
7-41-18. Revoked
7-41-19. Revoked
7-41-20. Revoked
7-41-21. Revoked
7-41-22. Revoked
7-41-23. Revoked
7-41-24. Revoked
7-41-25. Revoked
7-41-26. Revoked
7-41-27. Revoked
7-41-28. Revoked
7-41-29. Revoked
7-41-30. Identification and authentication; certificate security levels
7-41-31. Revoked
7-41-32. Agreements; registration authority; local registration authority; local registration authority's trusted partner; certificate applicant
7-41-33. Picture identification credentials
7-41-34. Certificate; format and name
7-41-35. Registered certification authority; ITEC certificate policy
7-42-1. Charitable organizations; registration
7-42-2. Professional fund raisers; registration
7-42-3. Professional fund raisers; annual report
7-42-4. Professional solicitors; registration
7-42-5. Changes to registration
7-43-1. Revoked
7-43-2. Revoked
7-43-3. Revoked
7-43-4. Revoked
7-43-5. Revoked
7-43-6. Revoked
7-43-7. Definitions
7-43-8. Notary public authorization with respect to notarial acts for electronic records and for remotely located individuals
7-43-9. Course of study and examination
7-43-10. Surety bond
7-43-11. Fees to perform notarial acts with respect to electronic records and for remotely located individuals
7-43-12. Renewal of notary public commission
7-43-13. Stamping device; official stamp for a tangible record
7-43-14. Official stamp for an electronic record
7-43-15. Notary public's journal
7-43-16. Fee for performing a notarial act
7-43-17. Short form notarial certificates; statement for notarial act for a remotely located individual
7-43-18. Standards for identity verification of a remotely located individual
7-43-19. Security of records bearing a notarial certificate
7-43-20. Notarial acts for remotely located individuals
7-43-21. Notarial acts for a remotely located individual; communication technology standards
7-43-22. Notarial acts for remotely located individuals; providers of communication technology
7-43-23. Record retention and repositories
7-43-24. Alleged complaints and errors by notaries public
7-44-1. Definitions
7-44-2. Enrolling agent registration
7-44-3. Enrolling assistant training
7-44-4. Information released to law enforcement agencies
7-44-5. Forwardable mail
7-44-6. Renewal and cancellation of certification
7-44-7. Voting process
7-45-1. Modified shifts for election board workers
7-45-2. Oversight of authorized poll agents
7-46-1. Postelection submission of photographic identification by provisional voter
7-46-2. Election board worker assessment of validity of photographic identification documents
7-46-3. Declarations of religious objection
7-47-1. Postelection audit implementation
7-48-1. Vote centers; plans; report