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Publications iconKansas Administrative Regulations

Agency 49

Department of Labor

Article 45.—Boiler Specifications and Inspections


49-45-1. Rules for construction of power boilers
49-45-2. Part A: ferrous material specifications
49-45-3. Part B: nonferrous material specifications
49-45-4. Part C: specifications for welding rods, electrodes, and filler metals
49-45-4a. Part D: properties (customary)
49-45-4b. Part D—properties (metric)
49-45-5. Rules for construction of heating boilers
49-45-6. Nondestructive examination
49-45-7. Recommended rules for the care and operation of heating boilers
49-45-8. Recommended guidelines for the care of power boilers
49-45-9. Qualification standard for welding and brazing procedures, welders, brazers, and welding and brazing operators
49-45-10. Revoked
49-45-11. Revoked
49-45-12. Revoked
49-45-13. Revoked
49-45-14. Revoked
49-45-15. Revoked
49-45-16. Revoked
49-45-17. Revoked
49-45-18. Revoked
49-45-19. Revoked
49-45-20. National board inspection code (ANSI/nb23)
49-45-21. Revoked
49-45-22. Revoked
49-45-23. Revoked
49-45-24. Revoked
49-45-25. Revoked
49-45-26. Revoked
49-45-27. Controls and safety devices for automatically fired boilers
49-45-28. Power piping
49-45-29. Rules for construction of pressure vessels; division 1
49-45-29b. Rules for construction of pressure vessels; division 2, alternative rules
49-45-30. Revoked
49-45-31. Rules for construction of pressure vessels; division 3, alternative rules for construction of high pressure vessels
49-45-32. Uniform mechanical code
49-45-33. International plumbing code
49-45-34. Fiber-reinforced plastic pressure vessels
49-45-35. Rules for construction and continued service of transport tanks
49-45-36. Uniform plumbing code
49-45-37. Boiler and combustion systems hazards code
49-45-38. Standard for the prevention of furnace explosions in fuel oil- and natural gas-fired single burner boiler-furnaces