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Publications iconKansas Register

Volume 43 - Issue 18 - May 2, 2024

State of Kansas

Department of Health and Environment

Notice of Application to Expand an Industrial Landfill

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) has received an application for modification of Solid Waste Permit 479 located on the former LaFarge Midwest, Inc. property at 1400 S. Cement Rd., Fredonia, Kansas. The proposed modification would incorporate two closed disposal areas into Permit 479 that are currently regulated as solid waste management units under the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) LaFarge Corporation hazardous waste RCRA Part II permit. All disposal areas at the site are closed, and this permit does not allow additional waste to be placed. All three disposal areas were primarily used to dispose nonhazardous cement kiln dust with limited amounts of other nonhazardous plant and yard cleanup waste.

Solid waste post-closure care of the three landfills is proposed with this modification. Care at this site consists of maintaining the final cover systems and monitoring ground and surface water. Land use restrictions include prohibitions on non-industrial use of the land and groundwater and are permanently part of the property ownership documents.

KDHE has reviewed the application and found it to be in conformance with state solid waste statutes and regulations, but a final permitting decision has not been made and KDHE will consider information gathered during the public comment period before making a final decision. A copy of the permit application, engineering drawings, draft permit, and other information with respect to this permit action will be available for public review from May 6, 2024 through June 7, 2024 during normal business hours at the following locations:

Kansas Department of Health and Environment
Bureau of Waste Management
1000 SW Jackson, Suite 320
Topeka, KS 66612
Contact: Heather Merritt

Fredonia Public Library
807 Jefferson St.
Fredonia, KS 66736
Contact: Michelle Hulse, Library Director

A copy of the permit application is also available at KDHE’s Southeast District Office at 308 W. 14th St., Chanute, KS 66720 where permit reviewer Charles Bowers can be contacted at 620-860-7242. Additionally, the permit application form with primary application information is available for public viewing at Anyone wishing to comment on the landfill’s permit modification should submit written statements postmarked no later than June 7, 2024, to Charles Bowers at the Chanute address, by fax at 785-559-4344, or by email to Mailed comments postmarked prior to June 7, 2024, and received within one week thereafter will also be considered.

After consideration of all written comments received during the public notice period, KDHE will make a final decision on whether to issue the permit modification of Permit 479 to incorporate the two disposal areas. Notice of the decision will be given to the applicant, anyone who submitted written comments during the comment period, and those who requested notice of the final permit decision.

Janet Stanek
Department of Health and Environment

Doc. No. 052097