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Publications iconKansas Register

Volume 43 - Issue 18 - May 2, 2024

State of Kansas

Wichita State University

Notice of Intent to Lease Real Property

Public notice is hereby given that Wichita State University (WSU), directly or through its affiliate corporation Wichita State Innovation Alliance, Inc., intends to lease, subject to all required state approvals, up to 1.22 acres of real property located on the northwest corner of the intersection of Fountain Avenue and 21st Street North, directly adjacent to the Wichita State University campus. This location would be designated for private development committed to supporting broadband infrastructure and Internet exchanges. The university is interested in leasing such ground to any individual, organization, or entity whose presence would advance WSU’s vision or its mission as an educational, cultural, and economic driver for Kansas and the greater public good. WSU intends to lease such space for a mutually agreeable period of time, but extended terms and renewal options would be considered. Interested tenants must be willing to be a good fit with WSU’s educational mission and identify anticipated benefits to the university, its students, and the surrounding community (i.e. applied learning, joint research, faculty start-up, WSU curriculum or program support, community benefit commitments, etc.), and must agree to the essential ground lease terms and restrictive covenants. Interested tenants will be evaluated on: proposal terms, demonstrated benefit to WSU and the surrounding community, design concepts, financial stability, and proposed use. Interested tenants will be responsible for all costs associated with the development and ongoing maintenance costs of any improvements. Rental rate shall be based on fair market value and negotiable based on term of lease, purpose/use of the improvement, and benefit to WSU. WSU will consider serious offers and inquiries from any financially qualified individual, group, organization. If interested, please contact Property Manager Crystal Stegeman at This publication is being published pursuant to K.S.A. 75-430a(d), to the extent applicable.

Crystal Stegeman
University Property Manager
Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance
Wichita State University

Doc. No. 051863