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Pooled Money Investment Board

Notice of Investment Rates

Secretary of State

Code Mortgage Rate for May 2023


Kansas Public Employees Retirement System

Request for Proposals for Proxy Voting System

Kansas Department of Health and Environment - Division of Health Care Finance

Notice of Amendment to the Kansas Medicaid State Plan

Notice of Amendment to the Kansas Medicaid State Plan

Wichita State University

Notice of Intent to Lease Real Property

Kansas State Board of Regents Universities

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Notice to Bidders for State Purchase

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City of Baldwin City, Kansas

Summary Notice of Bond Sale

New State Laws

Kansas Legislature

House Bill 2024, concerning children and minors; relating to the revised Kansas code for care of children, federal Indian child welfare act, newborn infant protection act; relating to procedures in investigations of child abuse or neglect; requiring a child abuse review and evaluation referral; creating a program in the department of health and environment for the training and payment for child abuse reviews and exams; enacting the Representative Gail Finney memorial foster care bill of rights; granting rights to kinship caregivers under the revised Kansas code for care of children; allowing the surrender of physical custody of an infant to a newborn safety device; requiring inquiries and reporting of Indian child status; adding the requirement of great bodily harm to the crime of child abandonment to qualify for immunity

House Bill 2059, concerning alcoholic beverages and food establishments; exempting charitable raffle prizes of alcoholic liquor and cereal malt beverages from the Kansas liquor control act, the club and drinking establishment act and the Kansas cereal malt beverage act; relating to spirits, wine and beer distributors; regulating samples; relating to the special order shipping of wine; requiring monthly remittance of gallonage taxes; allowing businesses to sell cereal malt beverage by the drink on Sundays without requiring that 30% of the gross receipts of such businesses be derived from the sale of food; permitting food establishments to allow dogs in outside areas on the premises and food establishments that are microbreweries to allow dogs in outside and inside areas on the premises notwithstanding certain provisions of the Kansas food code; amending the common consumption area law to permit rather than require roads be blocked and allowing designation of such areas by signage

Senate Bill 17, concerning housing; expanding the use of bond proceeds under the Kansas reinvestment housing incentive district act; transferability of income, privilege and premium tax credits issued under the Kansas housing investor tax credit act

Senate Bill 123, concerning postsecondary education; enacting the Kansas adult learner grant act; establishing a grant program for adult learners to pursue certain fields of study; providing for workforce retention income tax credits; creating the Kansas adult learner grant program fund; enacting the career technical education credential and transition incentive for employment success act; requiring school districts to pay for the cost of assessments for students to obtain an approved career technical education credential; relating to residency determination of certain students; deeming veterans and dependents or spouses of such veterans who were stationed in the state for at least 11 months as residents for purposes of tuition and fees; expanding the eligible fields of study under the Kansas promise scholarship act; establishing a maximum scholarship amount for certain private postsecondary educational institutions

Senate Bill 132, concerning motor vehicles; relating to distinctive license plates; providing for the buffalo soldier license plate

Senate Bill 205, concerning water; relating to water rights; authorizing certain water rights in a water bank to participate in multi-year flex accounts on a temporary basis

House Substitute for Senate Bill 229, concerning the compensation, salary and retirement benefits of certain state officials; creating the legislative compensation commission; prescribing powers and duties of the commission; authorizing the commission to set rates of compensation and salary for members of the legislature; establishing procedures for review and possible rejection of such rates of compensation and salary by the legislature; eliminating the previously established compensation commission; relating to the salaries of the governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state, state treasurer and commissioner of insurance; establishing the rate of pay for such state officials based on the annual rate of pay for members of congress, as adjusted by the provisions of this act; relating to the salaries of the justices of the supreme court, judges of the court of appeals, district court judges and district magistrate judges; establishing the rate of pay for such justices and judges based on the annual rate of pay for a district judge of the United States, as adjusted by the provisions of this act