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Publications iconKansas Register

Volume 41 - Issue 3 - January 20, 2022

State of Kansas

Kansas Housing Resources Corporation

Notice of Solicitation of Weatherization and HVAC Contractors

Kansas Housing Resources Corporation (KHRC) is soliciting interested contractors for the Kansas Weatherization Assistance Program. The types of work to be completed will be air sealing, attic, wall, and foundation insulation, door and window repair/replacement, refrigerator replacement, mechanical ventilation/bath fan installation, and HVAC repair/replacement. All work is for existing structures, no new construction.

The Kansas Weatherization Assistance Program (KWAP) is a federally funded energy efficiency program that serves income eligible households across the entire state. Current funding exceeds $9 million annually and approximately 1000 homes and apartments are weatherized each year. Weatherization activities occur year-round. More information can be found at

Interested contractors can elect to be contacted about providing bids for single family, manufactured housing, and/or apartment complexes. Contractors can specify whether they are interested in statewide or regional opportunities and can opt-out at any time. To be added to our contact list for bidders, please complete the two-minute survey at

KHRC and our regional service providers are equal opportunity employers. Small businesses, minority, and women owned businesses are encouraged to participate.

Please address any questions to:

Scott Kuhn
Senior Weatherization Program Manager

Scott Kuhn
Senior Weatherization Program Manager

Doc. No. 049732