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Volume 40 - Issue 8 - February 25, 2021

State of Kansas

Department of Commerce

Notice of Hearing

The Department of Commerce, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, will conduct one public hearing for the CDBG program. The public hearing will be held at 9:00 a.m. Thursday, March 25, 2021, by Zoom. The purpose of this hearing is to gain citizen input on the proposed changes to the federally funded CDBG program as well as take comments on the performance of past administration of this program. No preregistration is required. All citizens are invited to attend the public hearing. Written comment will be accepted by email at until day and time of hearing.

Zoom Information
Meeting ID: 849 1125 6551
Passcode: 037185

Anyone needing special accommodations should contact the Kansas Department of Commerce at least five business days in advance of the hearing at 785-296-3004, fax 785-296-3490 or TTY 711.

The following are proposed amendments and changes to the 2020, 2021 and new 2022 program. Listed below are the items for discussion. The year of funding is listed behind the change.

CARES Act funding – 2020

There is approximately $4.5 million dollars in CDBG-CV money left to be allocated. The program is interested in hearing what communities need that will meet the criteria of prevent, prepare for and respond to coronavirus without duplicating other funding sources. If small business working capital grants are needed, we will require 50% of awarded funds to be awarded locally within 90 days, which is down from 180 days.

Economic Development–2021

Interest Rate will be reduced to 3.5% minimum instead of 4%.

Commercial Rehabilitation–2021

Change to 50% match requirement from 25% match requirement.

Annual Competition – Housing, Community Facilities, Water and Sewer–2022

Bonus 10 points if not funded CDBG dollars in last 5 years in all categories.

Community Facilities and Services- 2022

Four different project subcategories will be awarded under the Community Facilities and Services category.

  1. Recreation – Includes but is not limited to parks, splash pads, ball fields and playground equipment.
    1. regardless of population size, minimum grant award $50,000 and maximum grant award is $350,000.
  2. Streets, sidewalks, bridges, trails – regular funding levels.
    1. for population under 5,000, maximum grant award is $600,000.
    2. for population over 5,000, maximum grant award is $750,000.
  3. Buildings – Fire station, library, community center, storm shelters.
    1. for population under 5,000, maximum grant award is $600,000.
    2. for population over 5,000, maximum grant award is $750,000.
  4. Services – gas, electrical, fire trucks, broadband, demolition, day care, emergency alert systems.
    1. for population under 5,000, maximum grant award is $600,000.
    2. for population over 5,000, maximum grant award is $750,000.

Leverage – up to 10% of the required 25% match may be in-kind or volunteer labor 10 bonus points for including other private funding sources such as foundations (not bonds or state and federal agencies). At least 10% of local match needs to come from private source to receive the 10 bonus points.

Project need points will stay at 60 points but up to 5 of those will be for letters of support.


10 bonus points for submitting a project with a regional approach.

2022 proposed allocations per category

Community Facilities and Services up to 45%
Water/Sewer up to 26%
Housing up to 20%
Urgent Need up to .5%
Commercial Rehabilitation up to 5.5%
State Administration up to 3%

David Toland

Doc. No. 048890