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Volume 40 - Issue 35 - September 2, 2021

(Published in the Kansas Register September 2, 2021.)

City of Overland Park, Kansas

Summary Notice of Bond Sale
Internal Improvement and Refunding Bonds
Series 2021A

(General Obligations Payable from Unlimited Ad Valorem Taxes)


Subject to the complete Notice of Bond Sale (the “Notice of Sale”), bids for the Series 2021A Bonds, as hereinafter defined, will be received by the undersigned, Acting/Interim Chief Financial Officer for the City of Overland Park, Kansas (the “City”), at Overland Park City Hall, 8500 Santa Fe Dr., Overland Park, KS 66212 until 10:30 a.m. (CST) Monday, September 20, 2021, for the purchase of all of the City’s $29,250,000* principal amount of Internal Improvement and Refunding Bonds, Series 2021A (the “Series 2021A Bonds”), as hereinafter described. Bids for the purchase of all of the Series 2021A Bonds may be submitted to the City by facsimile to 913-895-5009, and by electronic bids as provided herein. Electronic bids for the purchase of all of the Series 2021A Bonds will only be accepted through PARITY® electronic bid submission system. Each bidder shall be solely responsible for making the necessary arrangements to access PARITY® for the purpose of submitting its electronic bid in a timely manner and in compliance with the requirements of the Notice of Sale. If any provisions in this Summary Notice of Bond Sale conflict with information provided by PARITY,® this Summary Notice of Bond Sale will control. Further information about PARITY,® including any fee charged and registration requirements, may be obtained from iDeal, LLC, 1359 Broadway, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10018, Customer Support, phone 212-849-5021. The City assumes no responsibility or liability for bids submitted through PARITY.® The City is using the services of PARITY® solely as a communication mechanism to conduct the electronic bidding for the Series 2021A Bonds. PARITY® is not an agent of the City.

All bids will be publicly opened on the date and at the time set forth above and acted upon by the City Council at a meeting to be held at 7:30 p.m., or soon thereafter as practicable, on said sale date. No oral, telephone or auction bids will be considered. Arrangements may be made with the Financial Advisor, PFM Financial Advisors, LLC, Attn: Heather Casperson, 50 S. Sixth St., Suite 2250, Minneapolis, MN 55402, phone 612-338-3535, to deliver a bid for the Series 2021A Bonds to the City.

No bid of less than 99.4% of the principal amount of the Series 2021A Bonds, plus accrued interest thereon, if any, to the date of delivery will be considered.

Bond Details

The Series 2021A Bonds will be in bookentry form only. The Series 2021A Bonds will be issued in the denomination of $5,000 or any integral multiple thereof, will be dated October 21, 2021 (the “Dated Date”), will be issued in the principal amount of $29,250,000,* and will become due serially on September 1 in each of the years as follows:

Maturity Schedule*
Sept. 1
2022 $2,675,000
2023 2,680,000
2024 2,675,000
2025 2,320,000
2026 2,320,000
2027 2,320,000
2028 2,320,000
2029 2,320,000
2030 2,310,000
2031 2,310,000
2032 500,000
2033 500,000
2034 500,000
2035 500,000
2036 500,000
2037 500,000
2038 500,000
2039 500,000
2040 500,000
2041 500,000

Bids for the Series 2021A Bonds may contain a maturity schedule providing for a combination of serial bonds and term bonds. All Series 2021A term bonds shall be subject to mandatory sinking fund redemption and must conform to the maturity schedule set forth above at a price of par plus accrued interest to the date of redemption.

The Series 2021A Bonds will bear interest from the Dated Date at the rates to be determined when the Series 2021A Bonds are sold as provided in the Notice of Sale, payable semiannually on September 1 and March 1 in each year, commencing March 1, 2022.

Delivery and Payment

The Series 2021A Bonds will be delivered to the successful bidder properly prepared, executed, and registered without cost within approximately thirty (30) days after the date of their sale in New York, New York.

Good Faith Deposit

Each bid shall either be accompanied by a cashier’s check or certified check drawn on a bank located in the United States of America or a financial surety bond in a form that complies with the requirements set forth in the Notice of Sale in the amount of $585,000 (2% of the principal amount of the Series 2021A Bonds) or shall specify the agreement of the bidder to submit such good faith deposit amount by electronic fund transfer through the federal reserve system to an account specified by the City by 1:00 p.m. on the sale date.


The City will pay the cost of printing the Series 2021A Bonds and the expense of all legal services, including the opinion of Kutak Rock LLP, Bond Counsel, approving the legality of the Series 2021A Bonds and the exclusion of the interest thereon (with specified minor exceptions) from federal and Kansas gross income taxes.

Assessed Valuation and Indebtedness

For the computation of the debt limitation relating to the Series 2021A Bonds, the assessed valuation of the taxable tangible property within the City for the year 2020 is $4,388,785,266. The total general obligation bonded indebtedness of the City as of the date of the Series 2021A Bonds is $101,815,000, which includes the Series 2021A Bonds.

Additional Information

A complete Notice of Bond Sale for the Series 2021A Bonds, Official Statement and bid form approved by the City will be mailed to all interested parties. Bidders may be required to be qualified in a manner established by the City before submitting a bid. Additional information regarding the Series 2021A Bonds may be obtained from the Financial Advisor, PFM Financial Advisors, LLC at 612-338-3535 or Gena McDonald, the City’s Acting/Interim Chief Financial Officer at 913-895-6158.

City of Overland Park, Kansas
Gena McDonald
Acting/Interim Chief Financial Officer
Overland Park City Hall
8500 Santa Fe Dr.
Overland Park, KS 66212

* Preliminary, subject to change

Doc. No. 049411