Publications iconKansas Register

Volume 40 - Issue 3 - January 21, 2021

State of Kansas

Department of Administration
Office of Procurement and Contracts

Notice to Bidders

Sealed bids for items listed will be received by the Director of Procurement and Contracts until 2:00 p.m. on the date indicated. For more information, call 785-296-2376:

02/01/2021 EVT0007795 Mechanical Plumbing – On-Call
02/11/2021 EVT0007790 Virtual Job Fair Platform
02/11/2021 EVT0007806 Agricultural Services – St. Francis Wildlife Area
02/11/2021 EVT0007807 Agricultural Services – South Fork Wildlife Area
02/12/2021 EVT0007808 Agricultural Services – Concannon Fishing Lake and Wildlife Area
02/12/2021 EVT0007809 Agricultural Services – McPherson Wildlife Area
02/15/2021 EVT0007810 Agricultural Services – Kaw Wildlife Area
02/17/2021 EVT0007781 Sexual Predator Treatment and Consultation Services
02/17/2021 EVT0007796 Nurse Call System
02/17/2021 EVT0007804 Agribusiness Development Dairy Study
02/18/2021 EVT0007793 Hays Psychiatric Beds for Children
02/18/2021 EVT0007805 Attorney Resiliency Support Facilitator Services
02/22/2021 EVT0007799 Pediatric Telehealth Psychiatric Services
02/23/2021 EVT0007797 Health Savings and Health Reimbursement Acct Information

The above referenced bid documents can be downloaded at the following website:

Additional files may be located at the following website (please monitor this website on a regular basis for any changes/addenda):

02/16/2021 A-014144 KDOT; Clay Center New Subarea Facility
02/23/2021 A-014147 KDOT; Manhattan New Subarea Facility

Information regarding prequalification, projects, and bid documents can be obtained at 785-296-8899 or

Richard Beattie, Director
Office of Procurement and Contracts

Doc. No. 048794