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Volume 40 - Issue 24 - June 17, 2021

State of Kansas

Office of the Governor

Executive Directive No. 21-536
Authorizing Personnel Transactions
Authorizing Expenditure of Federal Funds

(Editor’s Note: The attachments referred to in this directive may be obtained by contacting the Secretary of State’s Office at 785-296-2034.)

By virtue of the authority vested in the Governor as the head of the Executive Branch of the State of Kansas, the following transactions are hereby authorized:

The request of Kraig Knowlton, Director of Personnel Services, to establish the attached, updated pay plan for unclassified physicians and medical staff in state facilities under the authority of the Department for Aging and Disability Services is hereby approved, effective June 13, 2021, in accordance with KSA 75-2935c.

The Kansas Civil Service Pay Plan that took effect on June 28, 2020 is hereby modified and the new pay matrix for the classified service is hereby adopted, effective June 13, 2021. The pay plan is modified to the extent provided for in the rules and regulations promulgated by the Secretary of Administration under the authority of K.S.A. 75-3706 or as hereafter modified by executive directives, and such modifications may be effective on the date of the rules and regulations or executive directives in accordance with K.S.A. 75-2938. The two attached pay matrices are hereby incorporated in and made part of the executive directive. No employee may be moved to Step 19 or Step 20 unless authorized to do so by executive directive or as otherwise approved by the Director of Personnel Services.

I have conferred with the Director of the Budget and members of my staff, and I have determined that the guidelines set forth in KSA 75-3711 and 75-3711c have been applied and that none of the foregoing actions exceeds the limitations contained therein.

Dated June 8, 2021.

Laura Kelly

Doc. No. 049221