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Volume 40 - Issue 22 - June 3, 2021

State of Kansas

Legislative Administrative Services

Legislative Bills and Resolutions Introduced

The following numbers and titles of bills and resolutions were introduced May 26 during the 2021 session of the Kansas Legislature. Full text of bills, bill tracking, and other information may be accessed at

House Resolutions

HR 6018, A RESOLUTION condemning the recent attacks on the State of Israel, by Representatives Croft, Anderson, Barker, Bergkamp, Bergquist, Blex, Borjon, Carlson, Carpenter, Carpenter, Clark, Corbet, Delperdang, Dodson, Ellis, Eplee, Esau, Estes, Fairchild, Finch, Francis, Garber, Hawkins, Helmer, Highland, Hoffman, Hoheisel, Howe, Humphries, Jacobs, Johnson, Johnson, Kelly, Kessler, Landwehr, Lee-Hahn, Lynn, Mason, Minnix, Moser, Murphy, Neelly, Newland, Owens, Patton, Penn, Proctor, Proehl, Rahjes, Resman, Rhiley, Ryckman, Samsel, Sanders, Schreiber, Seiwert, Smith, Smith, Sutton, Tarwater, Thomas, Toplikar, Waggoner, Wasinger, Wheeler and Williams.

Senate Concurrent Resolutions

SCR 1616, A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION urging the Governor of the State of Kansas to end Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation to ensure that businesses do not have to compete with the federal government in attempts to fill thousands of open positions, by Senators Masterson and Wilborn.

Doc. No. 049205