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Volume 40 - Issue 20 - May 20, 2021

State of Kansas

Legislative Administrative Services

Legislative Bills and Resolutions Introduced

The following numbers and titles of bills and resolutions were introduced May 6–7 during the 2021 session of the Kansas Legislature. Full text of bills, bill tracking, and other information may be accessed at

Senate Bills

SB 315, AN ACT concerning health and healthcare; relating to medical marijuana; creating the Kansas medical marijuana regulation act; providing for licensure and regulation of the cultivation, distribution, sale and possession of medical marijuana; delegating administrative duties and functions to the secretary of health and environment, secretary of revenue, board of healing arts, board of pharmacy and the director of alcoholic beverage control; imposing fines and penalties for violations of the act; establishing the medical marijuana registration fund and the medical marijuana business regulation fund; creating the crime of unlawful transport of medical marijuana; making exceptions to the crimes of unlawful manufacture and possession of controlled substances; amending K.S.A. 44-1009, 44-1015, 65-28b08, 79-5201 and 79-5210 and K.S.A. 2020 Supp. 19-101a, 21-5703, 21-5705, 21-5706, 21-5707, 21-5709, 21-5710, 23-3201, 38-2269, 44-501, 44-706 and 65-1120 and repealing the existing sections, by Committee on Ways and Means.

Senate Concurrent Resolutions

SCR 1614, A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION calling for the creation of a national federalism task force for the purpose of convening federalism summits to develop plans for restoring and maintaining clearly discernable divisions in the roles and responsibilities of the national government and the states, by Senator Hilderbrand.

SCR 1615, A PROPOSITION to amend section 13 of article 2 of the constitution of the state of Kansas, relating to vote requirements for passage of bills or concurrent resolutions, by Senator Pyle.

Doc. No. 049157