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Volume 40 - Issue 20 - May 20, 2021

State of Kansas

Department of Transportation

Notice to Contractors

Electronic copies of the letting proposals and plans are available on the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) website at The website will allow the contractor to request approval from KDOT to bid as a prime contractor and be included on the “Bid Holders List,” or to be included on the “Non-Bid Holders List” as a subcontractor/supplier. KDOT’s approval is required to bid as a prime contractor. To bid as a prime contractor, KDOT needs to be notified of the intent to bid no later than the close of business on the Monday preceding the scheduled letting date. Failure to obtain prior approval to bid as a prime contractor on any projects listed below will be reason to reject your bid. The Secretary reserves the right to reject bids that do not comply with all requirements for preparing a bidding proposal as specified in the 2015 edition of the Kansas Department of Transportation Standard Specifications for State Road and Bridge Construction.

KDOT will only accept electronic internet proposals using the Bid Express website at until 1:00 p.m. (CST) June 16, 2021. The KDOT bid letting will be conducted remotely by audio broadcast ONLY at 3:00 p.m. (CST) Wednesday, June 16, 2021. To join the conference call, dial 866-620-7326 and enter conference code 5895748207. KDOT has tested the process, but in the event of an unforeseen issue, KDOT will provide updates.

Each bidder shall certify that such person, firm, association, or corporation has not, either directly or indirectly, entered into any agreement, participated in any collusion, or otherwise taken any action in restraint of free competitive bidding in connection with the submitted bid. This certification shall be in the form of a required contract provision provided by the state to each prospective bidder. Failure to complete the required contract provision and certify the completeness of the preceding statement when electronically signing the proposal will make the bid nonresponsive and not eligible for award consideration.

District One – Northeast

Johnson – 69-46 KA-5792-01 – U.S. 69 (southbound), from 720 feet south of W. 52nd Street, guard fence, 0.1 mile. (Federal Funds)

Johnson – 46 N-0658-01 – Moonlight Road, from Warren Street to White Drive in Gardner, pedestrian and bicycle paths, 0.6 mile. (Federal Funds)

Leavenworth – 52 C-5058-01 – RS-1400, from K-192 to City of Potter, RS-855 from Jefferson/Leavenworth county line to U.S. 73, RS-2153 from U.S. 73 to City of Leavenworth, signing, 19.2 miles. (Federal Funds)

Riley – 18-81 KA-6160-01 – K-18, from approximately the Geary/Riley county line east to the K-18/K-113 junction, pavement marking, 8.5 miles. (Federal Funds)

Wabaunsee – 99 C-5054-01 – RS-1682, from 0.4 mile east of K-99, grading and surfacing, 0.3 mile. (Federal Funds)

Wyandotte – 69-105 KA-5148-01 – U.S. 69 and Central Avenue in Kansas City, intersection improvement, 0.2 mile. (Federal Funds)

Wyandotte – 635-105 KA-5627-01 – I-635, bridges #183 and #184 located at the east I-635/K-5 interchange, bridge deck. (Federal Funds)

Wyandotte – 635-105 KA-5923-01 – I-635, bridge #044 located 1,320 feet south of I-70, bridge repair. (Federal Funds)

District Two – North Central

Marion – 57 C-5046-01 – Culvert on RS-426, located approximately 211 feet east of Nighthawk Road, culvert repair, 0.1 mile. (Federal Funds)

Saline – 135-85 KA-5680-01 – I-135, bridge #028 over Union Pacific Railroad and stream located 3.23 miles north of Magnolia Street; bridge #033 over Dry Creek Drainage located 0.40 mile north of K-140; bridge #037 over Mulberry Creek located 1.02 miles north of K-140; and bridge #035 over the Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad located 0.74 mile north of K-140, bridge repair. (Federal Funds)

Saline – 135-85 KA-6064-01 – I-135, from the McPherson/Saline county line north to the I-135/I-70 junction, overlay, 18.8 miles. (Federal Funds)

District Three – Northwest

Ellis – 70-26 KA-6011-01 – I-70/U.S. 40/ U.S. 183 Bypass (North Campus Drive) interchange, lighting. (Federal Funds)

Gove – 70-32 KA-6012-01 – I-70/ U.S. 40 interchange near Oakley, lighting. (Federal Funds)

Phillips – 383-74 KA-2372-03 – K-383, from the north edge of the wearing surface of bridge #051 over Prairie Dog Creek northeast to the K-383/U.S. 183 junction, grading and surfacing, 5.8 miles. (Federal Funds)

Sheridan – 90 C-4997-01 – Bridge over North Fork Solomon River on E. Road 120 N., located 11.5 miles north and 4.3 miles east of Hoxie, bridge replacement, 0.2 mile. (Federal Funds)

Sherman – 70-91 KA-6013-01 – I-70/U.S. 24B (Exit 19) interchange in Goodland, lighting. (Federal Funds)

Statewide – 106 KA-6161-01 – Various locations in District 3 in Logan, Thomas, Decatur, Gove, Graham, and Smith counties, milling. (State Funds)

Trego – 70-98 KA-6014-01 – I-70/K-147 interchange near Ogallah, lighting. (Federal Funds)

District Four – Southeast

Chautauqua – 10 C-4976-01 – Major collector roads located west of K-99 in the county, signing, 101.0 miles. (Federal Funds)

Crawford – 69-19 KA-5149-01 – U.S. 69, intersection of U.S. 69 and McKay Street in Frontenac, intersection improvement, 0.1 mile. (Federal Funds)

Elk – 25 C-4995-01 – All minor collector roads in the county, signing, 120.0 miles. (Federal Funds)

Linn – 152-54 KA-5147-01 – K-152, K-152 and Industrial Boulevard in La Cygne, intersection improvement, 0.3 mile. (Federal Funds)

District Five – South Central

Butler – 54-8 KA-5799-01 – U.S. 54, at six locations beginning 2,750 feet east of S.E. Gray Road, east to 1,350 feet west of the Butler/Greenwood county line, guard fence, 3.7 miles. (Federal Funds)

Cowley – 18 C-4972-01 – Various major collector roads in the south third of the county, signing, 75.0 miles. (Federal Funds)

Harvey – 50-40 KA-5797-01 – U.S. 50, at the Old Trail Road/U.S. 50 eastbound on ramp located 2,370 feet northeast of Spencer Road, guard fence, 0.1 mile. (Federal Funds)

Reno – 14-78 KA-5798-01 – K-14, located 1,300 feet south of Heartland Drive and K-14, located 1,470 feet south of W. Trail West Road, guard fence, 2.6 miles. (Federal Funds)

Julie Lorenz

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