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Volume 40 - Issue 16 - April 22, 2021

State of Kansas

Department of Administration
Office of Procurement and Contracts

Notice to Bidders

Sealed bids for items listed will be received by the Director of Procurement and Contracts until 2:00 p.m. on the date indicated. For more information, call 785-296-2376:

05/03/2021 EVT0008004 Steel Delineator and Sign Posts – KDOT
05/06/2021 EVT0007995 Water Well Improvements KDOT Rest Area
05/06/2021 EVT0008009 Boat Ramp Repairs East Shore – Cheney State Park
05/10/2021 EVT0008006 Asphalt Parking Lot Reconstruction – Osage City
05/12/2021 EVT0008013 Web System, CSO Assessment Database
05/18/2021 EVT0007964 Restoration Abandoned Wells
05/25/2021 EVT0008000 Nurse Consulting Services to the Kansas Medicaid Program
05/25/2021 EVT0008002 Prepaid Debit Cards

The above referenced bid documents can be downloaded at the following website:

Additional files may be located at the following website (please monitor this website on a regular basis for any changes/addenda):

05/11/2021 A-014249 FHSU; Custer Hall – North Wing Roof Replacement
05/13/2021 A-014064 KSU; O.H. Kruse Feed Mill – Dust Control
05/13/2021 A-014173 FHSU; Akers Energy Center – Generator Replacement
05/20/2021 A-014212 KHP; Demolition of Innkeepers House

Information regarding prequalification, projects, and bid documents can be obtained at 785-296-8899 or

Richard Beattie, Director
Office of Procurement and Contracts

Doc. No. 049070