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Volume 40 - Issue 15 - April 15, 2021

(Published in the Kansas Register April 15, 2021.)

Kansas WorkforceONE

Request for Comments

Kansas WIOA Region II has completed its regional plan and local plans for program years 2020-2024 as required by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014, Section 107(d). The plan information is for three WIOA Local Workforce Areas I, IV, and V. The plan is available for review and public comment for 30-days through the close of business at 5:00 p.m. (CST) April 29, 2021. Please send any comments you have regarding the regional and/or local plan information in writing to Mary Ann Lawrence at  You can access the draft plans on,, or you can request an electronic copy by emailing

Mary Ann Lawrence, CEO
PowerNotes, LLC

Doc. No. 049009