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Publications iconKansas Register

Volume 40 - Issue 1 - January 7, 2021

State of Kansas

Department of Transportation

Notice to Consulting Firms

Background and Purpose of Project

The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) is seeking a consultant to provide construction inspection services for project 50-9 KA 5887-01. The project is mill and overlay on US-50 in Chase County. US-50 beginning at the Marion/Chase county line then northeast 8.8 miles and from the Simmons Creek Bridge (065) east to approximately 1,200 feet west of the west US-50/ K-177 junction.


Request for Proposals (RFPs) are due on or before 12:00 p.m. (CST) January 15, 2021, to be delivered via email to Evaluation and ranking of submissions will occur on or about February 10, 2021, after which time all firms that submitted will be notified of the ranking. Negotiations with the most highly ranked firm to commence on or about February 24, 2021. An agreement should be in place on or about April 1, 2021. Project will be built in 2021. The contractor is expected to start the project around May to July, this date could move based on contractor’s schedule.

Scope of Services to be Performed

The project manager/inspectors must be capable inspecting the whole project, which includes HMA roadway, HMA plant, pavement marking, traffic control, CMS or AASHTOWare data entry, all project records, all project paperwork, and final paperwork, etc. Project records and paperwork including but not limited to: diary, pay quantities, certifications, sample identifications, change orders, pay estimates, monitoring subcontractor payments, and monitoring contractor’s payrolls, etc. Records and paperwork must be submitted accurately and timely. Anticipated staffing needs: provide project management and all inspectors as needed to ensure inspection and material testing for this project are done correctly. The number of required inspectors will fluctuate throughout the project depending on the contractor’s schedule and how they pursue the work.  Submit the name and information of the project manager and HMA plant inspector. Construction is anticipated to be completed in 60-working days and cleanup days. Provide all the equipment necessary to inspect and test materials.

Instructions for Proposal

No costs shall be contained in the RFP. The RFP must not exceed four (4) pages total (including any cover letter, index, etc.) and 2MB to address the pertinent topics. RFPs submitted will consist of the technical proposal and a completed and signed Special Attachment No. 7 (“Certificate of Final Indirect Costs”), a completed and signed Special Attachment No. 8 (“Tax Clearance Certificate”), and a signed Special Attachment No. 10 (“Policy Regarding Sexual Harassment”). Completed Special Attachments do not count against the four-page technical proposal submission. All these forms are attached to the original email announcement.

RFPs shall indicate the consultant’s ability to meet the project inspection needs described above. RFPs shall describe any processes or procedures, including best practices, that will be used to perform tasks and to produce the desired results described above under “Scope of Services to be Performed.” The RFP shall also include items such as:

Project manager

  • History of providing inspection services on similar projects
  • Availability of staff
  • Familiarity with KDOT standards and specifications
  • Any subconsultant and their role in performing the services on the project
  • Names, certifications, and experience of all inspectors that will be assigned to the project
  • Anticipated time to close out project paperwork

Evaluation Factors

RFPs will be evaluated based on the factors listed below, evenly weighted, to rank the most qualified firm in order of preference as first, second, third, etc. Evaluation factors include:

  1. How the consultant plans to meet the fluctuating inspection needs of the project;
  2. Employee names (project manager and HMA plant inspector ), certifications and qualifications proposed for services;
  3. Past performance history on similar projects (list project numbers) for KDOT;
  4. Anticipated time to close out project paperwork;
  5. Proximity of inspectors to project;
  6. Types of direct expenses anticipated (lodging, mileage, etc.).

The highest ranked firm will be asked to enter into negotiations with KDOT for an agreement. In the event KDOT cannot reach agreement with the highest ranked firm, it will terminate negotiations with such firm and commence negotiations with the next highest ranked firm, and so on, until either agreement is reached for a satisfactory scope of services for a fair and reasonable price, or KDOT decides to pursue other alternatives.

Exhibits to this Technical Proposal Request

  • Special Attachment No. 7 (“Certificate of Final Indirect Costs”)
  • Special Attachment No. 8 (“Tax Clearance Certificate”)
  • Special Attachment No. 10 (“Policy Regarding Sexual Harassment”)

Contract Terms and Conditions

A standard KDOT project inspection agreement will be used for this project. Current rate factors will be used for compensation, and Special Attachments for the Kansas “Tax Clearance Certificate,” the “Certificate of Final Indirect Costs,” and the “Policy Regarding Sexual Harassment” will become attachments to the contract.

Questions about this request for proposals shall be sent via email to

David Lutgen, P.E.
Division of Engineering and Design

Doc. No. 048734