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Publications iconKansas Register

Volume 40 - Issue 1 - January 7, 2021

State of Kansas

Wichita State University

Notice of Intent to Lease Land and/or Building Space

Beginning Publication Date: Vol. 39, No. 43, October 22, 2020
Ending Publication Date: Vol. 40, No. 4, January 28, 2021

Public notice is hereby given that Wichita State University intends to lease available land and building space located on WSU’s main campus, WSU’s Innovation Campus and on property owned by WSU adjacent to the main campus on 17th and Hillside streets. The university will consider leasing such property and/or space to those whose presence on campus would advance the university’s applied learning vision or its mission as an educational, cultural, and economic driver for Kansas and the greater public good, or otherwise provide supporting services and amenities to the campus community. Such projects could include, but not be limited to: (1) development of a partnership building to provide office and/or laboratory space to support education and research, advance innovation, foster microenterprises, and/or lease to industry partnerships in any market that aligns with University programs; (2) child care facilities; (3) adult living and retirement facilities; (4) restaurants; (5) retail, grocery, or pharmacy establishments; (6) financial institutions; (7) event and/or performance center; and (8) parking garage. Because tenant development and/or use must be a good fit with the university’s educational mission and available space, please be prepared to provide the following information: (1) name; (2) square footage of space needs and desired lease term and location; (3) equipment, design, or other special needs; (4) description of anticipated use; and (5) the anticipated benefits to the university, its students and the WSU community (e.g. applied learning, joint research, faculty start-up, etc.). Additional information such as renderings, architectural and design plans, project timeline, and subcontractor list is encouraged. The university will consider serious proposals and inquiries from any financially qualified individual, group, organization, or company. If interested, please contact Wichita State University Property Manager Crystal Stegeman at This publication is being published pursuant to K.S.A. 75-430a(d), to the extent applicable.

Crystal Stegeman
University Property Manager
Office of the Vice President for
Administration and Finance
Wichita State University

Doc. No. 048611