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New State Laws

Kansas Legislature

Senate Bill 40, concerning governmental response to certain emergencies; prescribing powers, duties and functions of the board of education of each school district, the governing body of each community college and the governing body of each technical college related to the COVID-19 health emergency and establishing judicial review thereof; adding the vice president of the senate to the legislative coordinating council; modifying the procedure for the declaration and extension of a state of disaster emergency under the Kansas emergency management act; authorizing the legislative coordinating council and the legislature to take certain actions related to a state of disaster emergency; prohibiting certain actions by the governor related to the COVID-19 health emergency and revoking all executive orders related to such emergency on March 31, 2021; limiting powers granted to the governor during a state of disaster emergency; establishing judicial review for certain executive orders issued during a state of disaster emergency and certain actions taken by a local unit of government during a state of local disaster emergency; providing criminal penalties for a knowing violation of certain executive orders; adding 911 call center public safety telecommunicators and physician assistants to the definition of emergency responder; authorizing the legislature or the legislative coordinating council to revoke certain orders issued by the secretary of health and environment; limiting powers granted to local health officers related to certain orders and establishing judicial review thereof