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Secretary Schwab Details Final Cost of Kansas' Presidential Preference Primary

Monday, June 24, 2024

TOPEKA – Kansas Secretary of State Scott Schwab said today that the cost for conducting the March presidential preference primary was $2.78 million.

Kansas voters went to the polls on March 19 to make their choices known for the Republican and Democrat nominations for president. Former President Donald J. Trump and President Joe Biden won their respective party primaries in Kansas, and the results were forwarded to state party officials. Each party took the votes cast and turned them into delegates for their national party conventions, a process that was set forth in the state parties’ delegate plans.

In 2023, Legislators authorized $4.7 million in state funds for the primary, only the third such election since 1980. Counties were reimbursed for their direct expenses associated with the election.

Schwab said the final cost of the primary was below the initial estimate provided to the legislature last year for a variety of factors, including low voter turnout. Only nine percent of registered Republican and Democratic voters participated in the primary.

“At the time the estimate was made, it was anticipated that there would be a larger pool of candidates still participating in the primary by the time Kansans went to the polls,” Schwab said. With only one active campaign on each ticket, some voters chose not to participate. “The final cost of the primary shows that our trained county election professionals were able to conduct this election efficiently, on time, and under budget.”

Schwab said the primary was a good opportunity for new election officials who will conduct three elections in 2024. County offices are gearing up for the August 6 primary, followed by the general election on November 5.

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