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Two Bills Proposed by Kansas Secretary of State Signed into Law

Monday, April 15, 2024

TOPEKA – Kansas Secretary of State Scott Schwab today commended the signing of House Bill 2660 and 2615. These bills were introduced by Secretary Schwab to reduce government waste and to improve Business filings for customers.

House Bill 2660: Continues to improve customer service by simplifying business filings and eliminating unnecessary filing requirements for Kansas business owners.

House Bill 2615: Saves taxpayer dollars and reduces government waste by better aligning the supply of state lawbooks required to be printed with demand. Instead of automatically distributing Kansas Statutes Annotated to legislators, the state lawbooks will be distributed on request, reducing waste and storage space of the publications.

Additionally, this bill amends or repeals a handful of statutes and modernizes the state regulatory process by allowing the online version of state regulations (Kansas Administrative Regulation) to be the official version of the regulations.

“Improving and modernizing the agency for the betterment of Kansans has been my commitment as Secretary of State,” said Schwab. “I appreciate the legislature passing these bills which enables us to improve the services our agency provides to Kansans.”

Both bills passed the legislature with strong bipartisan support.