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Campaign Finance

The Secretary of State’s office receives and files campaign finance reports from candidates, political action committees and other entities involved in politics at the state level. We maintain a public access file for people to view the reports or purchase copies. More information is available at the Governmental Ethics Commission. Federal candidate filing reports are filed at the Federal Election Commission.

NOTICE: A law passed in 2009 requires all reports by candidates for statewide offices to be filed electronically. This includes Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, State Treasurer and Commissioner of Insurance.

Substantial Interests

Statement of Substantial Interests Forms must be completed by individuals who are required to do so by law. Any individual who intentionally fails to file as required by law, or intentionally files a false statement, is subject to prosecution for a class B misdemeanor. If you have previously filed an electronic Statement of Substantial Interests your information will be pre-filled when you file any additional statements.